Brake Service And Repair


When Should I Schedule Brake Service?

One of the most vital safety features your car possesses is its braking system. With that in mind, prioritizing scheduled maintenance (per the manufacturer’s guidelines) for this system ensures your car stops when you need it to. Along with following the suggestions in the owner’s manual, your brakes might need service if you notice any of these symptoms:

  • A shaky steering wheel (intermittently or when turning)
  • A brake pedal that feels spongy or sinks further into the floor than usual
  • Unusual noises or vibrations upon braking
  • Grinding, squeaking or squealing when you engage the brake pedal
  • A wobbly car, especially as you speed up for highway driving
  • Brakes that need more time or distance to stop
  • A slow-to-respond brake pedal
  • Increased pressure on the brake pedal needed to fully stop the car
  • An illuminated brake light
  • Brakes that grab when you tap the pedal

If it’s been more than a year or 12,000 miles since a professional inspection, consider bringing your car in for brake service. Even if the brakes sound or feel normal, staying ahead of the warning system helps you avoid costly repairs in the future.

What Can I Expect from a Brake Inspection?

A thorough brake evaluation includes:

  • Test drive to observe brake system operation
  • Visually inspect hydraulic system for proper operation and to detect any leaks
  • Inspect brake pads/shoes for wear
  • Inspect rotors/drums, brake hardware, lines and hoses, brake calipers, wheel cylinders and master cylinder
  • Verify proper operation of the power-assist braking system

What are the Most Common Brake Services?

A brake system’s parts are designed to wear out, since brake pads rub against the disc when you stop, creating damage more quickly than other components. Actually, brake pad replacement is the most common repair work we perform on this system. Along with this task, though, our technicians might advise one or more of the following services to keep your braking system in top shape:

  • Flushing and replacing brake fluid
  • Replacing brake calipers
  • Resurfacing brake rotors and drums
  • Replacing brake hose
  • Replacing master cylinder
  • Re-aligning rotors and calipers
  • Replacing or repairing wheel bearings
  • Servicing the anti-lock brake system

What are the Benefits of a Brake Inspection?

Well-maintained brakes keep you and others safe, so having trained eyes consistently examine this safety feature is critical. Whether you suspect needing replacement parts or want reassurance that all is in good condition, Accurate Auto Care has you and your brakes covered.

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Our convenient towing service can bring you and your car to the shop, and our knowledgeable crew can locate the source of disturbance and fix the issue so you can get back on the road and into your life. Call Accurate Auto Care at 928-680-4046!

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