tune upsAlthough a tune-up (also called a major service) takes longer and costs a bit more than other services, it’s part of a standard maintenance schedule and shouldn’t be put off due to inconvenience. And in the long run, this comprehensive service can prevent extensive damage that occurs from worn out or improperly working components. The Service Advisors at Accurate Auto Care can assist you with your vehicle’s tune-up needs.

The Anatomy of a Tune-Up

When you schedule a major service with Accurate Auto Care, we take the time to do it right. Our technicians take pride in offering the following services with every tune-up:

  • Fuel Filter Replacement – This vital protectant can become filthy and clogged over time, so we replace it to keep your engine clean and its oil healthy.
  • New Spark Plugs – These parts provide the ignition that lets your car run. We check them for wear and clean/replace them as needed, along with attached wires and distributor cap.
  • Belt Check – We will evaluate your vehicle’s belt condition and advise if replacement is needed.
  • Fluid Check – Vehicles need a lot of fluid: motor oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, and power steering fluid. Maintaining full, clean fluids is vital to your car’s performance, so we make sure all are properly filled and clean.
  • Air Filter Replacement – Although this part should get checked every 15,000 miles, we give it a look to make sure it’s in working order.
  • Battery Service – Your car’s battery is its lifeline, so keeping the area clean will help you stay ahead of failure. We service this area by cleaning cable ends and terminals while checking battery efficiency and connection.
  • Tire Service – To keep your ride smooth, we rotate tires and check their pressure, keeping an eye out for excessive wear or damage.
  • Brake Check – Your brakes have several parts that need evaluation: power brake booster, hydraulic brake fluid, disc brakes, brake pedal, drum brakes, brake shoe, and brake master cylinder. Depending on their condition, we adjust, clean, repair, and replace these components as needed.

Accurate Auto Care understands major services like this can come at a price, so we consistently offer monthly discounts on relevant services. We also offer financing options and VIP cards.

Don’t ignore regular maintenance, since vehicle neglect can prove more costly than major service and create a dangerous driving situation. To schedule a tune-up, call Accurate Auto Care at 928-680-4046 or stop into our Lake Havasu City shop today!

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