Transmission Repair

transmission repairAs heavy-duty vehicle components, transmissions are durable by design. After a certain period of time, however, they will show signs of wear. Since Accurate Auto Care has an expertly-designed system of transmission maintenance and repair, we make the process more painless than ever. Whether you drive a low-range, heavy-duty, automatic or manual, our mechanics understand how to get your car in fighting shape.

Manual Transmission – Requiring the driver to engage the clutch and gear shift to change gears, a manual transmission usually comes in a front-wheel or rear-wheel drive model and requires less maintenance than its automatic counterpart. On the other hand, frequent use of the clutch means this part should be evaluated and serviced regularly.

Automatic Transmission – With the ability to shift gears without manual force, most automatic transmissions have 4 to 5 forward gear implements that naturally advance when the car is in Drive. Since this system has several complicated parts, repair demands special training and skill.

Four-Wheel Drive Transmission – This type, also called a 4×4, contains a transfer case, differential gears, and both front and rear axles. Eventually, all these parts require service, with special care needed for fluids.

Front-Wheel Drive Transmission – In a front-wheel drive transmission, the engine moves only the front wheels, and all the hardware sits in the head of the vehicle. Consequently, this system requires specific care and maintenance.

Clutches – Though they use different types, both manual and automatic transmissions have a clutch. This part engages the flywheel and transfers torque through the transmission, so it takes a solid beating. To stay on top of the clutch before it starts slipping, have the trusted technicians at Accurate Auto Care take a look and fix any issues before they become major.

Transfer Cases – In a four-wheel drive transmission, the transfer case receives power via the transmission before routing it into the front and rear axles. As part of our extensive understanding of transmission repair, our Lake Havasu City shop can maintain or repair transfer cases with ease.

Transmission Maintenance and Repair – The most crucial step in maintaining your transmission involves fluid flushes and replacement, as this area gets clogged with sludge from excessive heat and friction. Unfortunately, this fluid can’t be completely drained (like motor oil), and a standard transmission service only removes a portion of lubricant.

To keep transmission fluid clean, you should have a complete fluid flush performed. This process removes contaminated liquid and sludge deposits, cleaning the lines, torque, and valve body to ensure a top-performing transmission.

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