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Oil and Filter – A Vital Pairing

To extend the life of your vehicle and maximize performance, regular oil changes and filter replacements are key. Since oil lubricates and reduces friction in the high-intensity engine environment, keeping it clean ensures your engine stays cool and protected. Also, the oil absorbs unnecessary elements and directs them into the filter, which keeps these contaminates from damaging other components. As a pair, the oil and filter keep the engine operating so you can get where you need to go safely and comfortably.

The Benefits of Regular Oil and Filter Changes

With time and use, contaminates can saturate the oil, forming deposits and wearing down your engine with excess heat and friction. Not to mention, if the oil experiences thermal breakdown from oversaturation, it loses viscosity and decreases oil flow. In any case, the engine works harder, resulting in excess wear.

When to Change Oil and Filters

Unfortunately, it depends on who you ask. Some manufacturers are recommending 10,000 – 12,000 – and even 15,000 miles.

With ever increasing fuel economy standards placed on the manufacturers, we are seeing smaller engines that are direct-injected and, often, turbo-charged (basically racing engine technology that is traditionally high maintenance). We are also seeing these extended service intervals. As these vehicles get to higher mileages (i.e. out of factory warranty), we are seeing major mechanical failures.

The EPA is putting pressure on the manufacturers for oil use/oil waste as well as ever increasing fuel economy standards. The manufacturers, in turn, love to show a consumer the cost per mile to operate a vehicle. They then make marketing material showing the customer how cheap it is to operate the vehicle. Not ever mentioning the big picture of longevity and vehicle life. After all, the goal of the manufacturer is to have the vehicle last long enough to get out of warranty. Then, when it needs a major repair, sell new cars. And repeat the cycle, keeping the banks happy with new car loans too.

I believe that with better care and service, vehicles will last 300,000+ miles without major repairs. Even if you do not plan on keeping the vehicle that long, servicing the vehicle will still make it a good used car for the next owner. Thereby, keeping vehicles from being junked prematurely which will better our environment overall.

How Your Lake Havasu City Mechanic Can Help

Whether you’re an expert or layperson, the knowledgeable staff at Accurate Auto Care can help you decide when to change the oil and what types work best with your model. Our technicians can sit down and discuss your driving environment and habits (stop-and-go driving, extreme weather, and dusty desert roads can take a toll on your engine) to help design a maintenance schedule that meets your needs.

To top it off, with every oil and lube service, we check your vehicle’s filters, lubricate your steering and suspension, and perform a complete inspection, so you’ll always know where your engine and vehicle health stands.

Call Accurate Auto Care today at 928-680-4046. Remember, changing your oil is cheaper than replacing your engine!

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